Friday, July 25, 2014

Blast From The Past: "Method of Modern Love" by Saint Etienne

This trio of pop entrepreneurs have been making music since most of our parents were born. Saint Etienne basically created the whole indie popstar persona back in the 90's when they released the iconic "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." Don't let that fool you though. The great thing about Etienne is that the band are not afraid to reincarnate their sound as time has passed, which has led to their great underground success. After being in the industry for 2 decades, Saint Etienne never fails to keep you guessing and their last 2 albums in 2005 and 2012 were amazingly ahead of their time.

For now though, we are here to talk about the shimmery, fantastic pop gamechanger that was "Method of Modern Love." After working for so long, Saint Etienne surely had amassed a great reputation, which caught the eye of legendary producer Richard X who has been responsible for hits by Annie, Rachel Stevens, and the Sugababes. Richard helped Saint Etienne scale new heights on the pop album by helping craft Modern Love with a little help from Hannah Robinson (The Saturdays, Ladyhawke amazingness). "Method of Modern Love" is an amazing song that glitters throughout each verse, chorus, and bridge. But, the post chorus though?!?! That's what dreams are really made of. It is officially the greatest song Kylie Minogue never recorded and should have shot the trio to international stardom. But as all indie acts can attest, only the true pop die hards could truly appreciate its greatness. Oh well, let's just listen to one of 2008's greatest achievements of mankind shall we?

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