Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pop Roundup: February 2015 Edition

I'm back with some highlights from the month of February in the world of pop. Not too many love songs so don't worry about that. Hope you enjoy because there is nothing better than February ending, so I'll be dancing the night away for my birthday! Cheers, bitches!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Track By Track Throwback: "True Romance" by Charli XCX
2014 was the year that Charli XCX became the global superstar she was destined to be since I first listened to her back in 2007. From gritty rave anthems to glitchy synth mix tapes, Charli slowly worked her way into the hearts of Tumblr lovers and pop hipsters like myself. While her new found success lies in her new sound of punk rock pop, the ground work was through her debut album True Romance. Her second album Sucker is currently number 1 on our albums of 2015 list but True Romance remains the superior effort. So let's break down the best album of 2013 by my favorite singer!