Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Like A Drug" by Queen of Hearts

This is Liz Morphew, better known as the pop songstress Queen of Hearts. Notice the black and white press shot above. Notice the platinum blonde hair and stunning bone structure. But that's not all. Queen of Hearts is one of the best kept secrets of pop music since her debut back in 2011. Working with the masterminds behind Robyn and The Sound of Arrows best hits, Queen of Hearts has worked her way to becoming one of the greatest popstars on the planet, releasing one amazing track after another with literally no duds in sight. And taking a note from another great popstar in recent years, the Queen decided to release her entire album this past month with no warning. That's right. Queen of Hearts had the balls to BeyoncĂ© an album. And that album, Cocoon to be precise, is already in the running for 2014's best album. 

Alongside this collection of electropop gems, the Queen has decided to grace us with the release of her new single "Like A Drug." Though Madame Hearts has a reputation for sublime crystalline tunes, this one is an uptempo affair that pairs her icy vocals with just the right amount of pulse to get you moving to this banger. It's all very "tears on the dance floor" without the tears and could easily have been an excellent Kylie Minogue single, though the Queen clearly has an addictive sound to her voice. So good job Queen of Hearts and thank you for making the past 3 years of music that much better!

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