Sunday, January 10, 2016

NSOTP Best Albums of 2015
That's it. 2015 is over. Sad days. But, with a new year we have new music. Same Taylor Swift, but new music.

Still, let's take some time to reflect because seriously, 2015 was somewhat of a renaissance for pop music. After going through the various trends of EDM, dubstep, trap, PBR&B, it was getting tedious to get through the best albums of the year when they all sounded similar. Luckily, 2015 was a varied year with a little bit of everything thrown in, but unmistakably POP. So here is the DEFINITIVE list of the best albums. I've also included the song on the album that should be the next single, because as well know, the best song of 2015 was on an amazing album from 2014 that I had wanted to be a single forever. And then it happened. The influence of NSOTP...

On to the albums: