Friday, July 25, 2014

Song Of The Day: "You Don't Know What To Do" by Mariah Carey

Oh Mariah Carey. Why do you do this to us? Mariah has been rather abusive to the Lambily (the one fan group I am proudly not part of) by way of inconsistent releases, shoddy television appearances, and promises of great things to come, which included a supposed all-at-once Beyonce release. It was all a little desperate and the fact that Mariah didn't acknowledge that while shading almost every other credible popstar (#justiceforJLO #justiceforNicki) made her seem less likable than ever. However, she does seem to know how to manipulate her fans better than most singers. I mean, the world basically went apeshit after she released that ridiculous #Beautiful song last year. So Mariah does have potential to make good decisions.

For this album cycle, Mariah knew she had to make those good decisions for there to be some credibility for all her bad ones. The first good decision was the album title that made "The Elusive Chanteuse" relevant once again after The Art Of Letting Go didn't catch on. Furthermore, regardless of the fact that the songs themselves are boring and forgettable, the tracklist to Me. I Am Mariah have the best names of 2014 i.e. "Money ($*?...)". And finally, Mariah did the best thing for the album by releasing its best song "You Don't Know What To Do" as a single. Now THIS is the type of music Mariah was built for, a retro flavoured disco track that calls Donna Summer and Cece Peniston realness to mind while keeping her man's ego in check with lyrics putting him in his place. Hopefully, the radio version doesn't include the useless rap by Wale but, as much as I hate to admit it, Mariah has managed to make one of the best songs this year with this new surefire hit.

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