Sunday, October 19, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Too Late" by ETML

You don't get a young attractive boy singer making insanely catchy disco music nowadays do you? But that's exactly what we have here. ETML popped up earlier this year by featuring on this Basement Jaxx single but never really made an impression until now. "Too Late" is a swirling cascade of Nonstop divaisms, the perfect marriage of 70's disco strings with a 90's handclappy beat, before throwing in that 50's leaning middle eight all with that sense of 2010's futurism. And it's a fact that these were the best decades of music so there's no way this could be shit. It's also nice to hear a male popstar actually singing on something like this. Hopefully, we'll get more songs like this from ETML, and otherwise, I'd like to start a petition to have this be the first song to relaunch Joe McElderry's solo career.