Saturday, September 6, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Ballare Con Me (Peet Syntax & Alexie Divello Radio Edit)" by Oscar Zia

We've got the musical melting pot of the world this time. First, that dashing fellow is Oscar Zia and guess where he's from?!?! SWEDEN! So this has got to be good right? But wait, he also happens to be a Swedish X Factor Alumni! And like many of the British alumni, Oscar makes some rather great music despite finishing in 8th place. Furthermore, he participated in Let's Dance, a Swedish dancing reality TV show, which means he's got the sick moves that Americans eat up. And if that wasn't enough, Oscar managed to get to the top 10 of Melodifestivalen last year, the same competition that gave us "Busy Doin' Nothin'" by Ace Wilder!!!!

Basically, he's got all the goods to be an amazing international popstar and his first album is pretty listenable. But the best has yet to come, and this remix of his forthcoming single "Ballare Con Me" is a glimpse at what Mr. Zia could do if he but a nice dance beat to some of his music. For those uninitiated in Italian (thanks NYU Italian), Ballare Con Me translates to Dance With Me and reflects Oscar's Italian heritage. The original sounds more like a Spanish guitar-pop jam but Peet Syntax and Alexie Divello have brought the song to the Ibiza dancefloor. So when you mix Sweden, British, Italian, American, Spanish, and Euro dance craziness, we get a ridicumazing jam for the weekend.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Future Smash Alert: Christopher Makes Us Swoon With "Mama"

Sorry, I had to *proceeds to faint*
Male popstars are harder and harder to find nowadays. I'm not talking about the hip-hop superstars or international DJs that team up with divas to create amazing songs, but bonafide solo male popstars that make POP music. Justin Timberlake is the obvious case, with his career becoming the template for every modern R&B crooner that has reached the top 10. We do have Sam Smith now, but he appears to be more of a male Adele than anything else, WHICH IS AMAZING STILL. There are the synthpop masters like MNEK and Bright Light Bright Light but mainstream success has yet to find them. And pop is very fickle, so it's all about searching for the next big thing.

So it made me very excited when I stumbled upon Danish singer Christopher. That's right, a mononymous blonde Scandinavian hottie that also makes amazing pop music. It's almost too good to be true. Christopher started his career in 2011 when he was a bright young star making boring acoustic guitar music. While it may not be my cup of tea, his debut album Colours managed to get to number 4 on the Danish charts. Afterwards, Mr. Christopher Nissen worked with fellow countrymen Molly Sandén and Svenstrup & Vendelboe to properly introduce him to pop.

Then, pop pretty much imploded when Christopher released the first single from his second album "Told You So." Pretty much the best song Timberlake never recorded, it immediately set up Christopher to become the sexiest star in Europe and reached number 4 in Denmark. Follow-up single "Crazy" followed the success of his newfound heartthrob status and reached NUMBER 2, alongside his really good second album Told You So. He also notched a number 1 with his cringe-worthy yet catchy collaboration with Brandon Beal, "Twerk It Like Miley" (that's how to do it, popstars of the world).

His transformation from Jason Mraz to Justin Timberlake is officially complete as his third single "Mama" came out recently with an appropriately funky video to match the sultry groove of the song. A fun alternative to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines", Christo takes the time to question some girl's sexiness and deduces that she must "Get it from her mama" (sorry, Christopher wins this round). If that isn't enough, Christopher's dancing in the video makes your heart flutter with every finger snap. It could be the sleeper hit that would bring Danish pop to the world's attention, and if nothing else, you can just look at Christopher's beauty and slick moves. Let's stay on the lookout for this one shall we?

Side Note: This is Christopher's Instagram, it's worth it so you're welcome

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Future Smash Alert: Do Rich White Ladies Have A Sensation Thanks to Wimbledon?

Listen, I'm not gonna bullshit and write a long story about how Rich White Ladies are on the brink of making it big with this new single that makes me question every aspect of my musical taste. For more information, here is a good Popjustice article about them.

Let's just get to the song. It's called "Wimbledon" and it's ridiculous. It might look like a novelty single that was made as a joke, like a #SELFIE but for tennis, but it's real and it's here. First things first, these girls be fierce. Like real fierce. They're spitting bars faster than anyone in the game right now and they're style is EN POINTE. Seriously, these two have the greatest potential for popstardom I have seen in a long time. But the song is something else. The production is not spectacular and the chorus really doesn't have many redeeming qualities. But there is the undeniably catchy X Factor throughout the song that won't leave your head. All in all, the fact that they rhyme Martina Navritalova with Champagne Supernova gives me hope that these girls can really pull out some amazing things in the future. Until then, let's bask in their fierceness for a bit shall we?

Future Smash Alert: Jax Jones Takes Us Deep With New Single

There's nothing better for the end of summer than a tropical dance song that takes you to the islands whenever you play it. It's even better when the song samples a classic by one of the greatest popstars in the world. Jax Jones has managed to do both of those things amazingly in his new song "Go Deep." For those unfamiliar, Jax is a DJ who helped create the waterslide summer anthem "I Got U" by Duke Dumont, which happened to sample the late and great Whitney Houston, #GodBlessHerSoul, and immediately shot to number 1 in the UK.

Jax has decided to use this winning formula for his own song that uses the vocals from Janet Jackson's own "Go Deep" to create a bouncy trop-pop banger. While the original was more of a midtempo R&B jam, Jones has warped Jackson's vocals to make it more girly and paired with that funky cowbell and jungle sounds instantly takes you away to paradise. And if things couldn't get better, Jax decided to add his signature steel drum hook that takes the best of Melissa Steel and Kyla La Grange's "The Knife" to shoot this straight to the dancefloor stratosphere and hopefully Jax Jones's first number 1 hit. And just think, an album of these songs may be on its way! Keep going at it Jax!