Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Timebomb": A Musical Case Study of Amazingness

When your fave releases a REALLY good song
For some magical reason, 2015 has been the year where artists manage to follow the true path of pop and release the best songs off their album. 

Most often then naught, the best pop songs lay buried in the deep in the heart of an album. They never get released, never get the full promotion and video they deserve, and never show the artist's true potential to conquer the world. In the past, this phenomenon happened once in a blue moon, with "The One" by Kylie Minogue being a shining example of that.

However, 2015 appears to be a once in a lifetime year for music. Not only are the biggest stars making albums this year, but also numerous popstars have been releasing the best songs of their career from album's past. I've covered a couple of them before but nothing even comes close to the vindication I am about to feel knowing that "Timebomb" is being released by Tove Lo as a single.

If you have never read this blog before, all you need to know is "Timebomb" was not only the best song off Tove's amazing debut album, but it was also the greatest piece of music created in 2014. It would have been the best single if it had actually been a single last year. I was absolutely livid but I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge that "Timebomb" will be the third single.

Tove Lo has worked her way into being one of the top 5 popstars on the planet at the moment. I loved her from the first moment I saw her and, after a series of successful singles, an amazing EP, songwriting for other acts, and an awesome album, the world managed to see it too! "Habits" went to #3 on the charts in America a year and a half after it was released. "Talking Body" has managed to be another top 20 hit despite it being one of the 8/10 songs on that album. Considering "Timebomb" is astronomical, it may give Tove her first #1, and hopefully one in a series.

In case you were wondering, here are a couple more songs that could still be released and make history!

Taylor Swift - "New Romantics"

This was a bonus track that should have been the opening track. Imagine if the budget on the "Bad Blood" video was spent on this ridicubanger? (The live version doesn't do it justice but, as you know, Taylor makes it very hard to find audio for her tracks…)

Cher Lloyd - "Killin' It"

Tove Lo wrote this one…

Kylie Minogue - "If Only"

This song would have saved the Kiss Me Once campaign and been Kylie's best ballad in ages. Maybe next time, Kylie.

Girls Aloud - "On The Metro"

That bullshit ballad should not have ended the career of the greatest band of all time. "On The Metro" however, is easily within Girls Aloud's top 10 songs. I. LITERALLY. CAN'T. EVEN.

Ellie Goulding - "Atlantis"

Ellie Goulding continues to somehow be the voice of England's female pop scene but "Atlantis" would have kept her on the top over here, at least until "Love Me Like You Do" came around. (Tove Lo co-wrote that one too…)

Bright Light Bright Light - "Cry At Films"

It seems Rod learned his lesson with the second album, but "Cry At Films" is the type of banging heartbreak ballad for the dance floor that Robyn would be proud of.

Lady Gaga - "The Fame"

The best song from Lady Gaga's first album.

Lady Gaga - "So Happy I Could Die"

The best song from Lady Gaga's best album.

Lady Gaga - "Schei├če"

The best song FROM LADY GAGA.

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