Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Song Of The Day: "No Price (feat. Chromeo & Al-P)" by Slam Dunk'd

In these troubling times, we as a society need to understand that there is one solution to all our problems: DANCE. If we were all to just get off our asses, stop fighting, and just dance it out, the world would finally be at peace. And if you need some help getting started, just put this track on high volume, get out those glittery hot pants and just start moving. That's probably what was intended when the mastermind behind Slam Dunk'd, Arthur Baker, wrote and recorded most of this song back in 1979, the end of the Golden Age of disco!

After three and a half decades, Baker decided to finally release this amazing gem of music by having it mixed by Al-P out of MSTRKRFT and new vocals by Dave 1 from Chromeo. This hurricane of disco fever came onto radio in March, though no one knew who it had been as it was released under the moniker of Disco Mystery. Thus, wild theories flew about whether this was a new project by Duck Sauce or Stuart Price's not too subtle title track. Personally, I was hoping Lorde had decided to become a dance producer and this was her first release. Wouldn't that have been amazing?! Oh well, this song is out in September and should be a hit on dance floors across the world.

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