Monday, July 13, 2015

Mash-Up Monday: The Talvin Anthem Has Arrived!

I recently went to a Taylor Swift concert this past weekend. As you may well know, Taylor is currently the greatest mainstream entertainer in the pop world thanks to the triumph that was her 1989 album from last year, which is still as solid a pop album as anyone could have hoped. Highlights from the show included Taylor harmonizing with herself on "Blank Space", making people cry during "Wildest Dreams", actually embracing her sexiness on songs like "Bad Blood" and "Trouble", and performing her best song "New Romantics" SECOND!

Along with bringing out every supermodel on the planet, Uzo Aduba, Nick Jonas, and reminding us of every other famous friend she has during the interludes, Taylor decided to treat New Jersey with a guitar rendition of her hit "You Belong With Me." Basically, everyone went ape shit. So in honor of her having found true love with the hottest man in pop music, here is a very good mash-up of that song with Calvin Harris's "Outside", sans Ellie Goulding though. Oh well, Taylor can treat her to dinner on their next double date…

Andy Wu (who did this mash-up) also did this amazing mash-up of "New Romantics" with Carly's "I Really Like You" so make sure to check out all of his music. He's a special one.

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