Sunday, October 5, 2014

Song Of The Day: "My Neck, My Back" by Elle King

You may have heard an Elle King song without even realizing it. Her signature brand of R&B country music has caught the attention of a lot of people like the producers of Mad Men and Mob Wives. The true tastemakers if you will. The real appeal of Elle is she is truly a hilarious and charming performer with material to back it up. 

Her style doesn't exactly fit the mold of NSOT Pop (tears on the dance floor, 90's bitch would be the perfect description of that) but her new single "Ex's and Oh's" is catchy in all the right ways, better than some other songs that have come out this year (looking at you Cheryl!). But that's not why we're here, it's this cover of Khia's seminal classic "My Neck, My Back." It's hard to do good country covers but Elle King manages to do it. "I Was There" by Le Grind next please?

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