Saturday, October 4, 2014

Song Of The Day: "U-Huh" by Tkay Maidza

The biggest surprises often come in the smallest packages. The little Aussie firecracker known as Tkay Maidza surely fits that description. This girl has not been around that long but her single "Brontosaurus" got the blogs buzzing with its unique mix of delightful rap and quirky electronics. Thankfully, Tkay reeled it in for her newest single "U-Huh." Ms. Maidza found that sweet spot of electropop that actually enhances her rapping prowess. The best part of the song comes from the fact that it makes you feel like a badass in every way. If anyone sees me strutting down Broadway, it's probably because this song came on my iPod. It's all a little Azealia Banks rapping over an Annie song. Which can only be a good thing, mind you. If this is any indication of what's to come, Tkay may just be my new fave pop-rap darling on the scene.

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