Thursday, October 9, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Marathon" by Ronika

What a woman! Ronika has been a long time favorite of mine and consistently delivers polished disco classics with a modern twist. Not only has she delivered Best Album of 2014 contender Selectadisc, she has decided to release another EP of tunes in December! Now that's what Qthousand4teen is all about!

The first single off that EP is title track "Marathon", another hit waiting to happen, mixing all the best parts of the 70's with a 2014 funky sheen that screams "Take me to the dance floor!" Definitely a highlight on Ronika's track record and just proves that sometimes the best way to make music is to get down and dirty with the synths yourself. Who knows, Roni might even outdo BeyoncĂ© by releasing a second album before the year is up! 

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