Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Future Smash Alert: "Mother & Father" by Broods Could Give America Another New Zealand Hit
New Zealand has a notorious reputation for hiding away amazing pop music in its land. We all know the success story that was Lorde and her international takeover as a the premiere indie-gone-properly huge artist of 2013. However, in the past, we got some pretty great music from the Land next to the Down Under including excellent debut albums by Zowie, Kimbra, and Ladyhawke (best of 2008 to be exact). It comes as no surprise that a new Kiwi act would come to add to New Zealand's roster of talent in 2014 and Broods has done just that.

The brother-sister duo composed of Caleb and Georgia Nott first popped up toward the end of last year with their debut single "Bridges." The delicate piano-led fragility of the song gave way to the brightest shimmer of a chorus I have heard in a while. It took all the great parts of Lorde's lyricism and off-kilter musicality, thanks to her collaborator Joel Little working with Broods, with a strong electronic production that makes it instantly relatable. With that, Broods had become one of the most anticipated acts of 2014 in my books.
Since the turn of the year, Broods has managed to not only edge up their style a bit, but also claim best EP cover thanks to their ingenious use of glass. Top that Britney! But the songs are just as great, from Never Gonna Change to Sleep Baby Sleep, the siblings tackle a wide variety of genres with effortless confidence and fragility. All this makes their debut album one of the best of 2014.

 If you needed any more convincing, we still have the first single "Mother & Father" to obsess over. Without a doubt, the song is Broods finest, a heartfelt declaration of growing up but never losing one's love for their parents. Georgia's voice glides along the punchy yet crystalline production that could easily make their album Evergreen a critical and mainstream success. "Mother & Father" has all the potential to crossover into a major international hit and I believe Broods could easily join the Hall of New Zealand Music Fame that we have all come to love.

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