Thursday, October 9, 2014

Next Big Thing: Sweden + Australia= Amazing Music in the Form of Say Lou Lou

Meet your new obsession
Say Lou Lou happen to be those two lovely ladies above. At first, you would probably think they were just your typical models that look very much alike making generic pop music. But they are so SO much more than that. Miranda & Elektra Kilbey-Jansson (Now those are a couple of superstar names) are in fact twins. They are the daughters of music experts Steve Kilbey and Karin Jansson. As such, the girls are half-Australian and half-Swedish.

Let's take that in for a second. HALF-AUSTRALIAN AND HALF-SWEDISH! Two of the world's greatest music suppliers combined. That's like if they were the love-children between Gabriella Cilmi and Tove Lo. Or like Dannii Minogue and Icona Pop.

LIKE THE CHILDREN OF KYLIE MINOGUE & ROBYN! *The world just imploded from that merging of pop*

Thankfully, their music kind of sounds like a mix of all those things. They popped up in 2012 as Saint Lou Lou with "Maybe You", a lush electronic ballad that sounds like it's gliding on ice. The girls deliver heartbreak and melancholy in the most beautiful way and solidified their status as the new lovelorn sirens on the scene.

Since then, the girls have decided to change their name (probably for trademark reasons) and continue their tradition of amazingly beautiful love songs that involve some torrid love affair among the girls. Just look at "Julian" and their cover of Tame Impala's "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards." Their appreciation for epic storytelling and cinematic styling certainly brings them to a higher status than other singers with more fame (ahem, Miley?). They also have the uncanny ability to create B-sides that at some times overshadow the actual single.

This is "Beloved." It's the B-side for Say Lou Lou's 2013 single "Better in The Dark." Now, that song was grade-A pop perfection. Literally one of the best. But "Beloved" though?!?! The soft cooing synths. That chorus of pure heartache. That bridge of anger and frustration. AND IT'S A BALLAD! Never before has a ballad been so close to being the song of the year, but Say Lou Lou managed to do it.

Clearly, these girls were meant for superstardom and became the premiere twin act of 2014, beating out the likes of Tegan & Sara, Jedward, and The Veronicas. Say Lou Lou were so great that they even got nominated for the BBC Sound of 2014 Poll alongside other great acts like Ella Eyre and Chlöe Howl and frankly, they should have won but Sam Smith mania took over the world. Oh well, they did give us "Everything We Touch" and "Peppermint" to show how ready they were to rule the airwaves. Seriously, the lush power ballad should become the new Game Of Thrones theme song, especially since the girls "trained dragons"#DanaerysTargaryenRealness.

With 2014 almost at an end, Miranda and Elektra decided to throw us a curveball. Not only are the girls releasing their debut album Lucid Dreaming on Valentine's Day (which is a missed opportunity to name it SLAY LOU LOU), they have decided to take their talents to the dance floor. Their new cut "Games For Girls" with Norwegian producer Lindstrøm is pure disco voguing bliss as the beat goes from hypnotic Italo disco to euphoric bouncing throughout. Guess ballads aren't the only things Say Lou Lou have mastered and I'm already calling their album as the best of 2015!

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