Monday, October 6, 2014

Song Of The Day: "London Queen" by Charli XCX

Today marks a momentous occasion. After winning an MTV contest to see Charli XCX in Brooklyn at an intimate show, I finally managed to talk to her. It involved us fangirling over each other's looks, casually reminiscing over the past year of music, AND SHE FUCKING HUGGED ME!!!! #blessed It also involved us talking about her role as the true London Queen and my future as her successor once I go abroad for a semester there!

It was only fitting that this magical encounter involved Charli premiering a new song and playing it live for the first time just for me (I wish)!!!! That song is "London Queen," the third song to be taken from her second (third) album Sucker, which unfortunately won't be out until December. But, if all the songs on the album end up sounding like "Boom Clap" and "Break The Rules," I think it may be well worth the wait. "London Queen" sees Charli totally giving up her original Tumblr-tronic dark wave persona and going all in with the Kim Wylde-esque punk-pop with some old-school Britpop stylings as well. All in all, this is a catchy ass song and those "OI!" bits were positively electrifying live. Until we meet again Ms. XCX!

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