Friday, October 10, 2014

Next Big Thing: Justice Crew Put All Other Boy Bands To Shame

While I have shown my intense love for girl groups around the world, I have to give credit to the guys too. I grew up with NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys so there is a high bar for boy bands in my books. And I'm gonna come clean and say that I very much like One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer probably have one of the best albums of this year. But until Rixton get off their asses and release an album, I have yet to decide who my favorite modern boy band is.

Therefore, it's time to go across the seas and see if there is a sufficient contender. Scandinavia had a lot of promise last year when Satin Circus released the mind-bogglingly good "Emma" and there was a point when I was obsessed with street smart Swedish group The Fooo (King Of The Radio is amazing). But then we get to Australia and I stumbled upon the salvation of all boy bands, Justice Crew.

These boys are doing a lot of things right. They have iconic names like Solo, Samson, Paulie, & Wildrok. There is at least one guy in this group that any teenage girl (and a couple of them boys) will find irresistible. They clearly work out and love to show it off, thank god. There is so much racial diversity that they should just be poster children for the UN. They have the rare ability to meld catchy music and mesmerizing dance routines which many pop acts including One Direction will never be able to pull off. They have managed to make a song that includes Flo Rida extremely good, and that takes skill, just ask Kesha and T-Pain. Finally, the band includes very cute twins.

Officially obsessed
The band comes from a street dance background and got their big break after winning the fourth season of Australia's Got Talent. They must have a lot of talent since they are probably the only act to break out from that franchise. Step it up America and England! After a string of semi-successful singles and a loss of a couple of members, the group got some more fame after becoming the opening act for Chris Brown and Janet Jackson's tour in Australia. Some of Ms Jackson's magic must have rubbed off because they then released this monster of a single last year.

A saxobeat filled jam with full on party attitude, "Everybody" came in like a real wrecking ball during a time when that goddamn "Story Of My Life" bullshit came out. It reminded us that a boy band shouldn't get too introspective and learn to dance and have fun. You're not Take That, 1D so calm down. Along with "Everybody", the band snagged their 1st Australian number one with "Boom Boom" which kept up their track record for amazing moves and bodies.

It looks like these boys have all the goods to breakthrough internationally, but unfortunately they have to do so through Pitbull's imprint on RCA Records. Now, this may lead to a massive hit but that hit will most certainly contain Mr. Dale on it, and I'm sorry but he just needs to go away. Oh well, the boys can continue notching platinum singles in Australia. Btw, they just so happen to have this year's most played song in Australia with "Que Sera." So don't be surprised if everyone decides to forget 5 Seconds Of Summer and move onto to these guys by next year.

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