Friday, April 8, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Bullet" by Chelsea Lankes

You remember Chelsea Lankes right? She had that incredible song "Secret" from a couple of years ago. She was also featured on the site last year with the brilliant Carousel remix of "Down For Whatever."

 Well, Chelsea is back!

Today, Chelsea released her brand new EP, which includes "Secret", as well as 3 new songs. One of these songs is brand new single "Bullet". It's a percussion heavy kiss-off to an asshole of an ex, which we can all relate to right? I mean, Taylor Swift made a career off of that theme so Chelsea should have a major hit on her hands with "Bullet". For fans of Swift, Carly, and your typical amazing underrated pop stars, Chelsea will sit in your playlists quite nicely.

Best Line: "Selfish little mess / you hated all my friends / you always had to get your way"

The EP is out on Spotify and you can listen to all of Chelsea's music on her Soundcloud.

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