Monday, March 9, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Down For Whatever (Carousel Remix)" by Chelsea Lankes

Chelsea Lankes has been one of those under the radar popstars that has all the potential to become a crossover mainstream hit. Therefore, I officially claim her as an NSOTP discovery (I totally know other people know her too but when you see her pull a Tove Lo/Charli XCX, don't say I didn't warn you). Last year, her down tempo gem of a love song "Secret" blew my  mind but she has kept pretty quiet since then until releasing her newest single "Down For Whatever."

The original version of this song is nice enough but it needed that extra oomph to bring it to full on dream pop status. Luckily, the boys behind my favorite duo of the moment Carousel came on remixing duties. Carousel make wonderful dreamy electropop that could double as any soundtrack to a romantic teen love story. Think Passion Pit meets Say Lou Lou

They shot "Down For Whatever" with hazy synths and turned down the tempo, but Chelsea's vocals fit the angelic song better than I could have thought. Perfect post-Valentine's Day cuddling music.

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