Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This Is The Best Boyband Single Of The Past 5 Years

The boyband craze of the early 2010's has finally died down, with One Direction's hiatus being the lynch pin in its demise. However, we have a couple of things to look forward to, mainly the rise of girl groups in pop music, which we can see with Fifth Harmony and Little Mix acting as worthy successors to those before them.

That doesn't mean boys will stop making music though.

This is the new single by Swedish boy band The Fooo Conspiracy called "My Girl." It's a song that sounds tailor-made for 2016, with slinky 80's beats paired with downtempo crooning by the boys. The best part is obviously the Carly Rae of Light Jepsen-influenced saxophone that pop ups throughout the track. It would have been the best song One Direction, The Wanted, or Union J (or Triple J now I suppose) could have ever recorded but we're happy the Swedes got the Erik Hassle-penned tune.

The boys have become superstars in their native land with a constant stream of music coming from them since 2013. They've released a load of EPs, and an album that was entertaining to say the least. Their previous output sounded like One Direction filtered through an Icona Pop lens ("King Of The Radio" sums that up pretty well), which sounds amazing but "My Girl" is definitely the highlight of their career. If they continue with this vein of R&B-influenced electropop, with the bits of choreography that got them so famous, I don't think anyone will really care about a 1D reunion.

"My Girl" is out on Spotify right now and you can follow the Conspiracy on Facebook and Twitter.

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