Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Next Big Thing: Noonie Bao, The Next Pop Genius

You should be a big fan of Noonie Bao without even hearing any of her music.

Noonie is Swedish, has been making music for awhile, and even released her debut album in 2012 (it's pretty good). However, it's been the last 3 years that Ms. Bao has really hit her stride.  Noonie has become somewhat of a songwriter to the stars in the same vein as Tove Lo and Charli XCX

Do you remember Say Lou Lou's voguing banger "Games For Girls"? Noonie helped write that one.

Charli and Rita's BFF Jam "Doing It" ? Noonie wrote that, and bunch of other songs on the second XCX album.

Carly TyRaennosaurus Rex Jepsen's love song of the decade "Run Away With Me" ? THAT WAS NOONIE BAO TOO!

Yeah, Noonie has the credentials for being a proper pop genius. And it looks like she is trying her hand at being a global pop star once again.

Noonie started releasing music again in 2015, beginning with the bizarre but elegant "I'm In Love." Her mix of synth pop with ethereal organic beats sounds like it would fall into the broad category of "Swedish woman makes good music." But something about the juxtaposition of Noonie's high-pitched fairy-like voice with the fluttering guitar plucks belies a strength of songwriting that I haven't noticed since Tove Lo came onto the scene in 2012.

But nothing could have prepared us for next single "Pyramids". The banging non-banger is a classic take on female empowerment but the chorus is where it's at. It's ambitious alt-pop that earned her a top 20 spot in our singles list last year. "Better not be scared of heights" indeed because Noonie has all the quirks, personality and talent to take it to the very top of the charts, if only people would give her a chance.

It's 2016, and after the release of her brilliant Noonia EP, Bao is continuing her songwriting streak and, based on her really amazing Instagram, she has been in the studio with best friends Charli XCX, MNDR, MNEK, MØ,  SOPHIE, and Icona Pop! That is a lot of amazing people in pop to have connections with! Noonie is also performing nowadays and she even opened for Tove Lo in Sweden.

Best of all, Noonie's music just keeps getting getting better! I've basically been playing that amazing Tegan & Sara song on repeat this weekend, along with Noonie's new masterpiece "Reminds me". It's a lullaby-esque epic piano ballad that talks about the comfort of not getting over someone. Holding onto to something lost is a pretty strong theme in pop this year but Noonie may have put herself in the lead because "Reminds me"will likely be on the best songs of this year as well. 

And as someone who was trained in classical music, don't think I didn't notice that this was written in waltz time. That's right guys, NOONIE BAO MADE A POP WALTZ!!!!

At this rate, Noonie Bao will have a "I Love It" meets "Boom Clap" meets "Timebomb" level song sooner than later, and who wouldn't want that in their lives!

Here is a playlist of all of Noonie's good bits together and "Reminds me" is on the top because it is definitely the best. You can also follow Noonie on TumblrFacebook and Twitter, where she exhibits all the signs of being a great pop star, and you can't say that about Meghan Trainor can you.

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