Thursday, April 7, 2016

The All Saints' Comeback


The comeback of a girl group is something of a cosmic event in the pop world. It's even better when the comeback involves good music, which is something we can't really remember happening since 2013. Then 2016 came around and a miracle happened.

All Saints came back. And their music scales new levels of amazing.

All Saints were one of the many girl groups that popped up around the turn of the century. They inhabited the same world as The Spice Girls, Sugababes (OG edition), and TLC. Instead of making the high energy saccharine pop of the former group, or the R&B-tinged hits of the latter groups, All Saints decided to carve their own space in the pop world by creating ethereal pop hits that match organic beats with electropop styling. They were one of my favorites back in the day, made loads of hits up until the mid-2000's, and "Pure Shores" remains one of the most fantastic pieces of music ever written.

Unfortunately, the girls broke up not once, but twice, with their first reunion in 2006 being scarred by an argument over a leather jacket. To be fair, it was a nice jacket, but it should not have led to a literal decade long separation.

Then 2016 came around, and after much speculation, the All Saints girls staged a comeback of epic proportions.

"One Strike" was the first single off All Saints' new album. It stands out as a timeless pop song that harkens back to the girls' heyday but also fits in the sonic atmosphere of 2016. It's pretty ridiculous when you consider the time gap, but maybe All Saints were just 20 years ahead of everyone all along.

A couple of other songs have popped up since "One Strike" and they have kept up the high caliber that made them so successful back in the day. But the best part about all of this is that the girls' seem really happy with the music and being back together. It's always nice when pop stars are enjoying themselves because pop should be about having fun, even if it's singing a song about your husband cheating on you. In a lot of ways, the Spice Girls reunion may not be the best simply because Posh would be pissed off the entire time. Regardless, we have All Saints back, and the world couldn't be more perfect at this moment.

The new All Saints' album Red Flag is out tomorrow and you can hopefully listen to it on Spotify then. You can follow their activity on Facebook and Twitter.

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