Monday, April 4, 2016

Song Of The Day: "1954" by Michaela May

Michaela May is a singer-songwriter who's been making music for about 3 years now.

Nothing has been as good as her new single "1954".

It's a quintessential feminist anthem in the best way possible. It would have made a great Taylor Swift single but might be a little too edgy. Which sort of sums up Michaela's sound quite well.

The best line is obviously "dance all night in the pale moonlight." But she also states, very factually, that "this ain't 1954." Now 1954 was in some respects not the worst year, but in other ways you might not want to go back to that time. We would have had to deal with sexism, racism, homophobia... OH WAIT!

There goes Michaela, getting all political on us. But it's a good tune and makes you think "Wow, imagine how well this would go down on the radio!"

The answer would be: quite well indeed.

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