Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Next Big Thing: Dua Lipa Is A Dark Romantic's Dream Come True

There are a lot of electropop women rising in the ranks of pop. When has that been news? It's definitely a good thing, as I've been enjoying music from Phoebe Ryan, Alexx Mack, and CAPPA for a while now. But you can't help but wonder, which one is going to be the chart-topping superstar that will break away from the pack?

My pick of the lot for 2016 is British by way of Kosovo singer Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa popped up midway in 2015 after signing to the same management team as Lana Del Rey. Her debut single was even produced by Del Rey collaborator Emile Haynie. But if you were expecting moody lite-hip pop, you're mistaken. It's hard to describe Dua Lipa's unique brand of alternative pop, other than using words like "ethereal" and "magical."

Dua's smoky voice and emotive delivery puts a new spin on the whole "dark pop" genre, with something about her swagger and songwriting skills reminding me of a young Charli XCX back in her Tumblr pop days. For fans of Charli, Ellie Goulding, and Marina and the Diamonds (aka anyone with ears), Dua Lipa's shimmering take on the alt-pop of her predecessors will get you really excited.

Leaving behind her life as a teenage model and going on the full popstar promotion run, Lipa is well on her way to becoming the next underground talent to break through mainstream. She was already put on the BBC's Sound of 2016 Poll, and she was really the only one deserving of the title. You may have noticed that her previous single "Be The One" was one of NSOTP's best singles of 2015, with producer Digital Farm Animals transforming Dua from a brooding balladeer to an actual pop princess. Her fame isn't just in the pop blogosphere either. "Be The One" has become a hit across Europe, reaching charts in Germany and Switzerland. Take that Jack Garrett.

The best part about Dua Lipa is not only her great music, but also the fact that she has the natural charisma and spirit of a pop star. Her interviews have shown her love for bohemian themes and supernatural beauty in her music but she understands that big pop production is what matters in the long run. Her latest single "Last Dance" sums up all of that in a nice little pop bow, with romantic lyrics paired with a instantly catchy piano refrain. She is also running through a forest with shape shifting clothes and nails in the video, because she JUST GETS IT.

Apparently, there is another song "Hotter Than Hell" that blows all of her other singles out of the water, which is ridiculously exciting when you think of how good her music has been already. Plus, we have an album to look forward to as well!

When you consider how Tove Lo and Zara Larsson have both become global superstars after I mentioned them, it might be time you take notice of Dua Lipa sooner than later, because I haven't gotten this excited about an artist in a while. Keep on dancing Dua!

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