Friday, July 18, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Your Love" by Nicole Scherzinger

As anyone with eyes can see, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls and Cheryl understudy on the X Factor for two years, Nicole Scherzinger has clearly taken the twerk game to new heights in this video of her performing in G-A-Y nightclub in London. Take that Miley Cyrus! Nicole really was the only voice we heard in the Dolls and, since starting her solo career, has consistently brought out hits including a killer solo album in 2010. Frankly, she is the most successful solo act from a girl group that I have ever seen and her new single "Your Love" adds to her spectacular track record.

What's so great about Scherzy is that she is one of the most adaptable and chameleon-like singers working right now. From "Poison" to "Right There" to the incredible "Don't Hold Your Breath," Nicole has given us a new sound and attitude with each record that keeps her image fresh and makes her the exciting popstar she has sought to always be. "Your Love" brings yet another style to her repertoire: tropical house music. Created by The Dream and Tricky Stewart, the song is a welcome return to the adventurous and catchy sound that we always wanted. Completely different from the misstep that was "Boomerang," Your Love is a hypnotizing tune that has a house piano and electro flute. But that's not even the best part!

1) Scherzy rhymes "enticin'" with "knock me out like Michael Tyson." She is clearly the greatest lyrical genius of our time.
2) She references MC Hammer in the second verse. She has great sense of pop culture and how to grab every generation's attention.
3) The chorus is comprised of the following phrase "Roooooo- ah - doo-doo-do dah doooooo!" When your chorus is catchy as an STD without having actual words in it, you know the song is special.

Sure to be a hit in the UK, it would be nice to see Nicole make some hits Stateside considering she is AMERICAN (Hawaiian to be exact). Maybe her upcoming sophomore album will show everyone the doo-dooo do dah light.

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