Friday, July 18, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Allure" by A-L-X

Mysterious, isn't he?

Here we have a darkly lit room where a young male singer is sitting with a "come hither" posture and you can just make out the definition in his cheekbones. So clearly you should be interested in that alone. A-L-X appears to be a new popstar on the block, making dark lounge pop that is just as seductive as he is. Here is a better look at him.

Yup, he's attractive all right. But what immediately struck me about him was that THIS GUY ISN'T NEW?!?! A-L-X appears to have pulled a Whinnie Williams (aka Sunday Girl) and gone through a dramatic image overhaul complete with a name change. His earlier moniker was his birth name Alex Gardner, the in-house guitarist and songwriter of legendary production company Xenomania. Back in 2010, the group was poised to launch a bunch of their acts as proper popstars and Alex was among other acts like Florrie, Jessie and the Toy Boys, and Mini Viva. His first two singles "I'm Not Mad" and "Feeling Fine" displayed a much more upbeat and electronic sound that got me interested in the first place, but suddenly he seemed to drop off the face of the earth. 

It wasn't until this year that Alex decided to get back on the music bandwagon and released his comeback track "Beautiful Criminal" as the mysterious A-L-X. But "Allure" is his latest single and it finally made me believe he was onto something. I had never realized how hypnotizing his voice was until his new stripped back arrangements showed that A-L-X's distinct vocals could really set him apart from other Justin Timberlake wannabe acts. His Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzy Grant) cover of "West Coast" is also worth looking at and hopefully he doesn't take another 4 year break to make more music.

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