Sunday, July 13, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Boom Clap (Cahill Radio Edit)" by Charli XCX

After a nice relaxing weekend, I like to find the most spazz tastic remix of a hit pop song. And look at that, Charli XCX decided to help me out this time! "Boom Clap" was already one of my favorite songs of the year when it came out in April and it is probably the only reason I decided to go see the Fault In Our Stars since it was in the soundtrack. It was a smart move on Charli's part because I was ecstatic to see it when it broke the top ten on iTunes and become her first Top 20 hit in the States as a solo artist. And there is no greater feeling when a favorite underground pop singer finally goes global and you have every right to say "I found her first bitches!" (I promise to not be too annoying about it).

Boom Clap is amazing for many reasons. The first is that it was written by Charli XCX and Patrik Berger among others, aka the team that created the smash hit that was "I Love It." Secondly, it was supposed to be Hilary Duff's comeback single. IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN A HILARY DUFF SONG!!!! Amazing. Too bad Hilary thought the song wasn't cool enough for her but thankfully, Charli proved her wrong. Boom Clap mixes insanely catchy pop hooks with XCX dark lyricism and hard hitting synthiness and it has finally paid off in being her most popular song (although SuperLove will probably always be my favorite). Epic remixer Cahill has decided to keep all the pop elements but replace the brooding background with bouncy bubblegum beats that make the song a surefire dance floor hit. And there's a rave piano thrown in there, making it immediately listenable (this is a scientific pop fact for those who don't know already). When you mix one of my favorite artist with one of my favorite remixers, you are clearly getting something special and from this Soundcloud link, I'm going to go ahead and name this my favorite remix of 2014.

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