Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Song Of The Day: "What Are You Waiting For?" by The Saturdays

Don't cha wish you were in this selfie?

The Saturdays are back and better than ever. After four and a half adequate studio albums, around 20 singles with varying degrees of success, and one number one single ("What About Us" but let's try and forget that, shall we?), the new experts at this whole girl band game The Saturdays have decided it's time to release a greatest hits album with the single-referencing Finest Selection later this year (brownie points for anyone that can name it). And as with any greatest hits compilation, the girls have decided to record a couple new songs and have released "What Are You Waiting For?" as their newest single.

First off, no it is not a Gwen Stefani cover, although that would be equally as amazing. This insane pop song screams Song of the Summer. Created by the pop gods over at Xenomania, who created their other greatest single "All Fired Up," What Are You Waiting For? is a shouty singalong joyride that could be listened to just as well on a road trip or in da clerb. It has the same reckless quality that made Icona Pop and Neon Jungle songs so addictive but amped up 3x as much at least. I mean, there are three choruses. THREE BLOODY CHORUSES! ONE AFTER THE OTHER! This ridicumazing bonkers anthem is officially my new summer anthem and should be yours too. So as the girls would say, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (repeated at least 20 times)

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