Sunday, August 28, 2016

That Rare Moment When A Girl Band Member Goes Solo

Let me make myself clear and establish a fact: "All Fired Up" is the best song from The Saturdays.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about The Saturdays' own Mollie King. Mollie was the blonde of the group, the most pop loving one, and arguably, had the best lines from their discography including "Get your body out on the floor, cos' if you're partying with me then you gotta get more!"

During their hiatus, Mollie has decided to give us more. While her bandmate Vanessa gave us some modern R&B, Mollie has decided to stick to pop, with early descriptions of her albums having a disco vibe and being influenced by Kylie Minogue (*DEAD*).

Today, we receive our first taste of Mollie's sure-to-be long, fruitful, hit-filled, legendary career with the single "Back To You". Written with The Blueprint (who produced that amazing Cilia song from last year) and Rob Persuad (Lady Gaga!!!!), the track is a woozy mid tempo that is a very pleasant taste of what Mollie is capable of. The repetition of the chorus and the heartbreak behind the lyrics should lead it to be a hit but something tells me Mollie has much more to offer.

Good first single Mollie, can't wait to hear more. Imagine if we could get an All Fired Up meets Can't Get You Out Of My Head from her? You certainly won't get that from Frankie...

Mollie King on Twitter

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