Thursday, August 25, 2016

Little Boots Has A New EP And Remains Brilliant

This past summer, one of the best human beings to have ever walked the earth released the year's best EP so far. 

You may be wondering, "Wait, has this person consistently made elegantly intelligent dance music for years? Have they been compared to some of the greatest global superstars on the planet such as Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga? Have they worked with some of the best underground pop producers and deliver a new fully realized vision with each collection of work?"

The answers to all of these questions is yes, and her name is Little Boots.

Coming off the heels of her fantastic Working Girl album from last year, Victoria has been busy working on new projects along with managing her record label. The fruits of her labor are apparent on her Afterhours EP, and I'll be the first to say it is her strongest material in years.

While Little Boots' strength is rooted on the dance floor, her style has shifted from elegant indietronica, vogueing house anthems, and off-kilter employment jams. However, we haven't gotten a full on disco jam from Boots since the days of "Remedy". UNTIL NOW!

The EP consists of only two tracks, but they are of the highest caliber in mystical electropop. This makes sense when you consider we're talking about BLOODY LITTLE BOOTS! But both of these tracks were also produced by Richard X, the mastermind behind many of the best songs to ever exist, including hits from Sugababes, Annie, Will Young, and Pet Shop Boys! Naturally, this was a match made in pop heaven.

The opening single is "Staring At The Sun", a magical track that transcends Ibiza beach parties as well as midnight dance floors. The track breathes and builds throughout with Boots cooing about her fiery love before the chorus kicks in. While the best line is obviously "the night goes by / as dawn embraces", the track is a story in nocturnal love that Victoria knows how to tell so well.

Follow up track "Face To Face" is just as good, acting as a bridge between Boots' second and third albums. Co-written with "Black And Gold" hitmaker Sam Sparro (who you can hear on backing vocals), the track is a buoyant but no less delightful companion to "Staring At The Sun". The 90s house piano euphoria is paired so well with Victoria's lyrics of disconnection and "drowning in human noise". Much like Charli XCX's You're The One EP, Afterhours just proves that Little Boots is one of the handful of pop stars that JUST GETS IT.

Apparently this acts as an extension of the Working Girl era, with a remixing app also being promoted alongside it. Hopefully, this is just a sign that we'll get another Little Boots collection in the near future, because the world seems like a better place with one on the horizon.

Little Boots on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud

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