Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Silhouettes In Slow Motion" by Cilia

Hopeless romantics are a vital yet difficult audience for the pop market. We are hard to please because we require that fleeting moment of love and melancholy that make life worth living.

The kiss in the rain from the Notebook. The kiss from Sleeping Beauty. The scent of daffodils while cuddling with your crush as fireworks burst in the background…. Sorry got too real.

The newest Swede with promise to take over the world understands everything about this concept and her new single wraps it all up in a nice little bow.

 Cilia has been releasing singles throughout 2015 that have been quite pleasant but "Silhouettes in Slow Motion" is stunning in a Tove Lo meets Ellie Goulding way in that the production remains tribal and hooks are everywhere but the lyrics are of Shakespearean sonnet level. The name says it all really. She even references DIRTY DANCING! It's an explosive yet heartbreaking track that fits into the "teardrops on the dance floor" category quite well.

Keep up with Cilia because if she plays her cards right, Cilia could be the next greatest Scandinavian popstar on your radar. And there is only really 5 a year so pick them wisely!

Cilia on Facebook Twitter and Soundcloud.
Buy "Silhouettes in Slow Motion" RIGHT HERE!

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