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Songs I May Have Missed Because Life And Pop Music Are Unpredictable

If you couldn't tell, I've been away for a while. And if all you listen to is the radio, you may have noticed that pop music also went away for a while. Seriously, besides Ariana, Calvin, and Halsey, there is not a lot of good music around. When you have Dua Lipa's "Hotter Than Hell", do you really need anything more? The answer is yes, always yes...

 Since the summer is nearly over, here are some gems that should have all been #1's. And maybe you'll just find your song of the summer here!
Hopefully, I can accurately sum them all up in 3 sentences because there are A LOT OF SONGS. But will also identify the best bits because #JusticeforPSBPopKids. Have fun and enjoy the Spotify playlist at the bottom that has all of the songs in it!

"Tragic On The Dancefloor" by Girl Friend

Girl Friend are a girl/boy duo who use female back up vocals (#Innovative). Their music tends to be dark electronica. But "Tragic On The Dancefloor" is one of the most fun and naive songs out there right now and also has one of the best titles.

Best Bits: "She looked back, started to laugh"

"Final Song" by MØ

This was the song that Noonie Bao and MNEK had worked on with MØ. By far, her most pop single and one of the songs of the year. An album of this would be just great Karen.

Best Bits: "When the music go-o-o-oes / I lose my rhythm, lose my so-o-o-o-oul"

"Who Do You Think Of?" by M.O

The girl band's biggest hit may be due to some confusion with the aforementioned Danish superstar. But who cares, because "Who Do You Think Of?" is a very modern pop song that mixes the R&B of TLC with the sound of 2016. As their first top 20 hit, M.O could be the next big girl band to take over the world.

Best Bits: The bridge into the last chorus is one of those classic girl group magic moments

"What's It Gonna Be?" by Shura

Shura made one of the best albums of the year. "What's It Gonna Be?" is one of the best songs of the year. It also has the best video of the year. #POPFACTS

Best Bits: The whole track is a masterpiece, good luck finding your favorite part

"In My Blood" by The Veronicas

The Veronicas said that this single was influenced by a more disco sound. They also said it was inspired by Kylie Minogue. So clearly, it's a triumph in every way.

Best Bits: The "We don't have to wait all night" line is really wonderful but the stuttering breakdown is great as well.

"Parachute" by Kaiser Chiefs

Xenomania have been alarmingly quiet as of late but they have teamed up with Kaiser Chiefs on their new album. "Parachute" is the first single off of it and is just as magical as Xenomania's biggest hits. Would also make a good Girls Aloud song... #NEVERFORGET

Best Bits: The middle eight into the chorus is really great and sounds like The Loving Kind...

"New Friends" by RABBII

RABBII stands for Revolution Are Better Before Initial Inception and that pretentious nature might surprise you considering Felix and Johanna were both in Le Kid. Since then, the two have perfected the art of spooky electropop. "New Friends" is their best single, has one of the year's best choruses, and sounds amazing at 3 AM.

Best Bits: "I HAVE MISSED YOU AT THE CLUB" Best Lyric of the year!

"Melt" by JONES

JONES and HONNE are two of the best capitalized British neo-soul pop acts in the game. They join forces to make "Melt". "Melt" is one of the most effortlessly gorgeous songs this year and sounds like summer captured in a bottle.

Best Bits: The last chorus where everything collides in on itself without sounding oversaturated.

"Little Bit" by Bright Light Bright Light

BLBL is back with a new album and it's business as usual as it remains extraordinary. He has his Carly Rae Jepsen saxomazing moment on "Little Bit." If you put "The Edge of Glory", "Run Away With Me" and "Little Bit" in a row, you will have heard 3 of the best sax-infused love songs of this decade. 

Best Bits: "I love you, I love you, I love you / JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE" Classic Bright Light Bright Light tears on the dance floor moment.

"Fractured Fairytales" by Cherryade

The rave-pop scene really hasn't been up to much since Charli XCX was rapping about dinosaurs and bitchy middle school girls. However, some female electropop acts have popped up using rap to set themselves apart. Cherryade used to be Taffy Trouble but have rebranded and "Fractured Fairytales" signals many great things to come.

Best Bits: The last verse has some great fairytale rapping including "Fuck that bitch I'm done" It's all about being relatable.

"I Love My Lawyer" by Ofelia K

This song might just have the best title of any song ever. I will probably say that about 3 more songs in this list. Good job Ofelia.

Best bits: "My angel in a black suit" #poetry

"False Alarm" by Matoma & Becky Hill

After "Hotter Than Hell" blessed us, tropical house pretty much peaked. Then Becky Hill appeared on this Matoma track and I realized tropical house can have multiple peaks. Seriously, the vocal on this is top 10 of the year.

Best Bits: The first 10 seconds "I heard sirens in my head, from the first time that we met" is pop magic at its finest.

"CRYBABY" by Abra

Abra has so much music on Spotify it's crazy. But "CRYBABY" is her stand out moment as a pop star. Doesn't it remind you of Janet at times?

Best Bits: The funky intro is straight from the 80's

"Don't Need No Money" by Imani Williams feat. Sigala & Blonde

Imani Williams and Sigala teamed up on that bright drum and bass song from earlier this year. Now Imani is back with a single so banging that every house piano track before this could take some notes. A bright new pop star has appeared for sure.

Best bits: The cascading pianos towards the very end would sound amazing in the club

"Backbeat" by Dagny

Dagny is a new singer from Norway. "Backbeat" is one of the strongest debut singles from any pop star in recent history. I wonder what she will do next?

Best Bits: "BACKBEAT, CUT IT DOWN, PICK IT UP" The chorus is a 10/10 grower, and the YAH at the end is the cherry on top.

"Fool's Gold" by Dagny feat. BØRNS

THIS IS WHAT DAGNY DID NEXT. Somehow, she tops herself on this magnificent banger that sounds like a Girls Aloud #1 hit for 2016. And for some reason BØRNS is on it...

Best Bits: " I-I-I-I-I, PAINTED YOU IN GO-O-O-OLD" Goddamn it, it's so good.

"Body" by Atom Tree

Atom Tree is a British duo whose music straddles the line between house music and indie alternative. That may not sound tantalizing but "Body" is a pop hit if I've ever heard one. And I've heard a lot.

Best Bits: "I want to be your body, I want to be your mind, I want to be the one you think about all the time"

"Because I Love You" by Montaigne

Do you miss Marina and The Diamonds, especially the Family Jewels era? Of course you do, that was a great time to be alive. This new song by Australian singer Montaigne sounds like a hit from Marina herself. 

Best Bits: "I ate a salad today, I ate one yesterday too" True that Montaigne.

"What It Feels Like" by Feed Me feat. Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt has reappeared on this feel good anthem that takes all the best parts of EDM and throws it into a pop song. After the shit show that 2016 has turned out to be, this is the type of song that hits the spot in a spiritual way. Hopefully people can actually listen to the message behind this one.

Best Bits: "It's been a hard day, so I'll complain about a little rain on my umbrella again"

"Mean What I Mean" by Alunageorge feat. Leikeli47 & Dreezy

Alunageorge had me worried because the past couple of songs from their new album have been mundane to say the least. "Mean What I Mean" gets me excited for what else they have to offer. The addition of the female rappers also sets the song apart from the rest of the underground hip-hop scene.

Best Bits: "Macaroni Tony"

"Just Say" by KDA feat. Tinashe

Tinashe's new single is fun and wonderful but her collaboration with KDA is a house anthem for the ages. Minimalism tends to not work with pop. "Just Say" is a hypnotic floor filler that would sound amazing at 2AM in the club.

Best Bits: That relentless vogue-worthy beat

"Free To Love" by Brendan Maclean

GAY MALE POP STAR ALERT! Brendan Maclean is well known in his native Australia but not so much for all out pop music. His new EP is really great and "Free To Love" is a up tempo jam that sets him firmly between Bright Light Bright Light and "Uptown Funk" Mark Ronson.

Best Bits: "Lost like a little kid, chasing the red balloon" That is one euphoric pre chorus & chorus combo.

"Come With Us" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Queen of killing people on the dance floor Sophie Ellis-Bextor has come back to the dance floor! "Come With Us" is a lovely addition to Sophie's collection. She was always meant to be a disco diva and it's nice to have her back.

Best Bits: That disco guitar in the background brings back the glory days of Groovejet

"Stay Here Forever" by Ronika

Ronika holds a special place in my heart and she has come through with a true trop-pop hit for the end of the summer. "Stay Here Forever" is a retro-leaning sun-drenched electropop number that would not have sounded out of place off her still-magnificent debut. Wherever she's taking me, I want to stay there forever.

Best Bits: "Until the sun goes down (down down down down)"

"Lonely Heart" by Dragonette

DRAGONETTE!!!!!!! The band is back and the reggae-tinged brat-pop "Lonely Heart" is another 10/10 song to add to their whole string of 10/10 songs. An album before the end of they year would be stellar.


Here are all the songs in a  playlist and get ready for the rest of 2016 to give us amazing pop music!

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