Friday, September 2, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Cry" by Carly Rae Jepsen

Carlysus Raemmaculate Jepception has blessed us unworthy creatures with a full EP/album of B sides from my new religious scripture E•MO•TION. 

Putting aside my fanatical stanhood, it's frankly overkill when the 8 tracks thrown off an album have more pop sensibility and hit factors than 90% of the music today. Not only that, but Carly fulfills all my dreams by having half of her song titles be the same as Kylie Minogue songs. But that might just be me.

From the 80's jams "First Time" and "Body Language" and signature Carly banger-ballads "Fever" and "Roses", we see the full spectrum of Carly's range as the ultimate pop chameleon. But some of the songs show sides of Carly that we never anticipated. "Higher" is a dark chugging number that would have made Robyn proud and "The One" is Carly preaching the opposite of love, something we never thought the queen of romance and heartbreak could do. And let's not get started on the silly-serious banger that is the era-defining "Store". 

However, the song that ties up every emotion and the one song that would have fit seamlessly into E•MO•TION is "Cry". Starting off as one of the more uninspiring ballads, Carly quickly remedies the situation with a drum machine. It quickly makes its way into a frustrated thunderstorm of a chorus that cements her status as the queen of lyrical heartbreak. It would have fit nicely between "Warm Blood" and "When I Needed You" but sits very nicely in Side B. Another gift from a new goddess in the pop pantheon and hopefully will tide the fandom over until the next album era can begin.

Best Bits: "He never wants to strip down to his feelings , he never wants to kiss and close his eyes, HE NEVER WANTS TO CRY" 

Listen to all of Side B right now because it will make your life 10000x better.

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