Saturday, April 30, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Summer Love" by The Fooo Conspiracy

Isn't it strange how boy bands make better music the further into their career?

Take That made their best album in 2010.

One Direction made their best music in 2014.

The Fooo Conspiracy is making their best music in 2016.

Following up from the majesty of "My Girl", these Swedes have released the sublime "Summer Love" as their next single. I don't know what caused them to make such sophisticated pensive electropop from their sugary energetic earlier hits, but if we could get an album of this stuff, it would be stuff of legends. Plus, they can all actually dance, which means they're leading the pack in this whole boyband game.

For the record, Omar is the best of the bunch but Oscar comes in a close second...

Best Bits: The chorus when they say "fake tans / tank-y tops / aching rebels standing tall" but the Swedish breakdown is also quite amazing.

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