Sunday, April 24, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Summer Sucks" by Shallows

Can we be honest for a second? 2016 really sucks.

We've lost so many amazing people this year that have changed the world and influenced our lives in ways we didn't even know possible, with Prince being the latest loss. It's certainly not fair, but we remember, we love, and we move on.

It's funny how this stunning single by new duo Shallows is inherently indebted to a lot of musical icons we have lost, including Prince and Michael Jackson. "Summer Sucks" is a shape-shifting pop number that starts off as a guitar-driven ballad before exploding into a nostalgic, synth-drenched chorus about giving up on summer, and love, and probably many more things.

With the months passing, the temperature rising, and grief doing both, it's the perfect song to reminisce and probably have a little cry to, even though it does sound joyous by the end of the track. I expect to hear a lot more from Shallows, but the best part is that the influence of pop's predecessors never seems to go away.

Best Bits: When the song gets all sinister at the "What you see with your EEEEEEEYYYYES"

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