Monday, May 2, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Elizabeth Taylor" by Clare Maguire

Black + White = Melancholy

I didn't know much about Clare Maguire other than some Cher comparisons a couple of years ago.

Then, I heard this piano ballad that puts every other baby grand sadbanger to shame.

"Elizabeth Taylor" is the first single off Clare's new album Stranger Things Have Happened coming out in May. It strikes the perfect balance between a dark cabaret and a cathartic cry in the shower. If we can get a collection of absolutely devastating acoustic pop songs like this one, we could seriously in for such a treat.

And by treat, I mean crying your eyes out in the middle of the night with mascara streaming down your face.

Congratulations to Clare Maguire for making one of the best ballads of the millennium.

Best Bits: "I've loved / I've lost / and loved again / BUT HERE I AM"
What a lyric?!?!

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