Monday, April 25, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Wasn't My Fault" by Christie and The Dream Beats

Here we have track from two acts who came out of some very good pop acts in the past.

Dream Beats are a production trio made of Anders Hansson, Felix Persson, and Marta Grauers. If you couldn't tell, they are Swedish and, therefore, very good at pop music. Marta and Felix were actually a part of the very amazing band Le Kid back in 2011, who are responsible for many a bop back in the day.

Since Le Kid broke up, Dream Beats have been around making some very amazing 70's sounding electro that mixes all the best parts of cheesy disco with amazing pop hooks. They have already collaborated with living legends Alcazar, and done a very good song called "Love Stuck" back in 2012 with a group called The F∆ce.

If that blonde looks familiar, that's where Christie comes in. Originally a trio, The F∆ce broke up very soon after "Love Stuck" came out. Nothing really came out of any of the members or Dream Beats since then. UNTIL NOW!

Christie was one of the singers in The F∆ce and is now venturing on a solo career with the Dream Beats helping her out. And her first single is a Kelly Clarkson power anthem about not feeling guilty about hooking up with a guy. It's really all about the chorus with this one, but if Dream Beats can make killer music years later, we believe this could be the precursor to a disco/rock monster of a track. 

Best Line: "I was there / he was there / looking gorgeous"

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