Friday, April 22, 2016

Song Of The Day: "So Much It Hurts" by Niki & The Dove

The merch sales are gonna be amazing for this album

Niki & The Dove are back with a new album today and it's simply magnificent.

While the Swedish duo's first album comes with a tribal meets electro flavor ("DJ, Easy My Mind" remains a banger), Everybody's Heart Is Broken Now is a funky throwback to soulful jams mixed with all the best parts of summer love songs. The tempo varies greatly but the slow songs are just as astounding as the upbeat ones.

 It's seriously amazing, an easy 9/10 at least. 

"So Much It Hurts" is the opening track and second single off the album and sums up the whole experience pretty well, so here it is as a Song Of the Day. Is it some sort of cruel irony that the entire thing references the very best of Prince? Probably.

 We expect to listen to the Dove's new album at least twice a week now that it's warming up, and you should too.

Best Bits: The bridge where Malin goes "BRING your love back / BRING your love back to me"

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