Thursday, April 21, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Feel This Way" by Philip George & DRAGONETTE

You know what people need more of in their life? House piano-driven disco music.

I'm here to help you out with that today.

This collaboration between Philip George and official best pop band in the world Dragonette has us asking one big question:


"Feel This Way" is another propulsive banger made all the better by Martina's vocals giving it that soulful and delicate push over the edge of glory. It follows up from Dragonette's collaboration with Paul Harris ("Red Heart Black" remains amazing), Galantis ("Firebird" deserves to be a single), and Lenno ("The Best" is still one of the best).

Furthermore, Dragonette helped write this amazing song on The Knocks album featuring goddess walking among us Carly pRaese Jesupsen. It seems like everything is in place for Dragonette to stage a full on comeback and let's face it, pop is just a better world when a Dragonette album is on the horizon.

Best Bit: Right before the last chorus when Tina goes "you're the only one who makes me FEEL"

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