Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best Songs Of 2013: #45-41

45. "Team" by Lorde

It's kind of sad that I'm old enough that major popstars are younger than me. It does however make me happy that maturity and wisdom at a young age can actually be appreciated by the public. So Lorde has given us hope for the future and "Team" is the best example of that.

44. "Flatline" by Mutya Keisha Siobhan

Much like how 2012 brought us the brief return of Girls Aloud, 2013 saw the rise and fall of the Sugababes. By that I mean, the current lineup of the Sugababes finally called it quits and the Origibabes returned to us as Mutya Keisha Siobhan. Not only that, they brought us this breezy summer single that makes me very excited for their upcoming album, if only they would BLOODY RELEASE IT!

43. "White Noise" by Disclosure feat. Alunageorge

Disclosure broke through America this year with some help from Sam Smith but "White Noise" was their biggest hit in the UK and is leagues above that Latch song. This may be due to Alunageorge being consistently amazing but considering the rest of Disclosure's album is good too, this just seems like a win all around.

42. "Bipp" by SOPHIE

No, you're computer is not having a malfunction. Those sounds would be "Bipp" by the mysterious producer SOPHIE (apparently it's a man). When a song has you questioning your sanity as you're listening to it, there is probably something really special there so congrats on taking #42 Mr. Ms. SOPHIE.

41. "I Was There (Where Were You?)" by Le Grind

There is no way in hell that this flamboyant, disco-inflected tune would not end up in the Top 50 of 2013. "I Was There" is one of the best debut singles I've heard in the past decade and Le Grind should be up to big things. Imagine if RuPaul used this during a lip synch for your life?!?! As long as the new stuff is just as gay as this song, I think us homosexuals are in good hands in terms of music. #SLAY #WORK #QUEEN

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