Saturday, September 27, 2014

Best Songs Of 2013: #25-21

25. "Disintegration" by Monarchy feat. Dita Von Teese

An electronic song that screams lust and passion hasn't exactly hit the market recently but Monarchy has managed to do it. The mysterious duo have been on the edge of achieving legendary pop status for a while but it wasn't until "Disintegration" that they did it. It doesn't hurt that they teamed up with sex symbol Dita Von Teese. Perfect bedroom song in my opinion.

24. "Paper Heart" by Chlöe Howl

Chlöe Howl just gets it. Not only did she make a ridiculously catchy song about telling a guy to fuck off, she made 2013's best music video to match it. Only Chlöe would make an extravagant anti-proposal video! What have you been doing Sam Smith? (Besides getting an internationally acclaimed debut album…)

23. "Move" by Little Mix

Little Mix have never really impressed me post X Factor as much as everyone else. That is, until they released "Move," a Girls Aloudian meets the The Supremes pop tune that did exactly what it sought out to do. MOVE!

22. "C O O L" by Le Youth

This innovative R&B dance song marked the beginning of my love affair with Le Youth. Anyone who can sample Cassie while changing the entire game of dance music definitely has a place in the top 50. And it may just be that his album becomes the best of 2014.

21. "Applause" by Lady Gaga

LADY GAGA CAME BACK! This was the Gaga that all of us fell in love with, an art-obsessed, pop-culture smart lady who knows exactly how to put on a show. "Applause" was exactly how a comeback single should have been and although ARTPOP wasn't the roaring success it should have been, at least we know Gaga still has the hits up her sleeve.

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