Thursday, September 25, 2014

Best Songs Of 2013: #35-31

35. "Safe With You" by Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont feat. Malin (from Niki & The Dove)

"Safe With You" literally has everything: Pop's premier DJ Alex Metric, superstar producer Jacques Lu Cont aka Stuart Price, singer Malin from Niki & The Dove, the best electronic duo to come out of Sweden, ice skating, video game blips, soulful choruses, and that X factor to make it special. Why couldn't Cheryl Cole have done that for her comeback single?

34. "Need U (100%)" by Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E

Collaborations just keep getting better at this point. "Need U (100%)" gave Duke Dumont a trend-setting hit single, A*M*E got her first #1, and MNEK got a Grammy nomination for helping to write it.  Here's to more hits for all of you!

33. "Bon Voyage" by Marlene 

Sweden once again brings us a great new talent in Marlene (infinity sign). "Bon Voyage" is a classic Scandinavian pop song that combines strong organic beats with that undeniably catchy chorus. Makes you want to take a trip over there doesn't it?

32. "Lost In The Mix" by YYZ

The English by Canada pop group that is YYZ made a huge splash with bonkers song "Lost In The Mix." Nothing beats a good four on the floor beat and YYZ has made a dance song that has enough attitude to slay all the soul queens in the world. Should have asked for a song like this while you could Adele!

31. "I Wish" by Cher Lloyd feat. T.I.

Cher Lloyd is an underrated pop star and "I Wish" was an underrated pop single. A cute song about wishing to change for a hot guy always has a place in my heart and will have a place in yours too. Probably would have made the top 10 if T.I. hadn't ruined the bridge with his craziness. 

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