Thursday, April 13, 2017

Disco-ssion: Let's Talk About The Steps Comeback

Disco-ssion is a feature where I give you the correct take on important pop events. It's like I'm a real music journalism site!

Today it's time to finally talk about about the comeback of one of the most successful British pop groups of the 2000's. They have had multiple top 10 singles, iconic videos, and more dance routines than a Broadway musical. They took a break for the past couple of years but decided to make a full on comeback this year. 

It's not Girls Aloud. It's not the Sugababes. What a TRAGEDY those breakups were but...


For the uninitiated, Steps were a British pop group that created some of the most campy pop this side of ABBA but remained widely popular during their reign in the late 90's and early 2000s. Hits like "Tragedy", "One For Sorrow", "Stomp", and the unstoppable "5 6 7 8" defined this era of Britpop. With their breakup in 2001, a huge space was open in the pop market for ridiculousness. Luckily, best member Lisa Scott-Lee decided to make the amazing "Lately" along with a pretty good debut album before visually recording her own downfall (another TRAGEDY).

After a short-lived revival back in 2012, the group has come back together to save our souls in the hellish landscape of 2017. With a brand new wave of energy and a killer lead single, Steps is back to show how much fun and drama pop music can have. This is all evident on their Eurovision-conquering single "Scared of The Dark", a song so inherently Steps that you think feel like they never left in the first place.

It follows their winning formula: Claire and Faye take the lead on vocals, with Claire giving the earthquakingly brilliant line "give me the bright lights of the dance floor / to shine inside this broken heart of mine" before a dramatic piano and string-filled pre-chorus make way for a chorus so incredibly drama-filled Donna Summer would be jealous. The boys maintain their status as eye candy while Lisa Scott-Lee comes through to command her verse and all the members maintain their skill at those wonderful dance routines. Then when you think it can't get any more insane, THERE IS A GODDAMN KEY CHANGE. You will never get music like this from any other group on the planet ever again so receiving this is one of the biggest gifts 2017 will give us. 

As if things couldn't get better, Steps are embarking on a 22 date tour of the UK to promote their new album coming out in 2 weeks. This album is notable not only for its cover of Benny and Bjorn's (from ABBA) "Story Of The Heart" but also its title "Tears On The Dancefloor", which I will forever assert as the greatest album title that anyone will ever come up with for the rest of eternity. So while 2017 might feel like the darkness is coming to hold you, just know that with Steps around this year, we'll never be SCARED OF THE POP.

(That pun was awful, I know but there are no regrets when it comes to Steps)

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