Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Just When You've Lost All Hope, Natasha Bedingfield Is Staging A Comeback

While 2017 has already produced one of the greatest comebacks in all of history (more on that soon), we do have something to tell you with THESE WORDS. They may have been UNWRITTEN at one point but on this clear bright day you have to capture your POCKETFUL OF SUNSHINE before it's too late to....

Alright that's enough. Natasha Bedingfield appears to be planning a comeback of sorts and we're into it.

Natasha is one of those pop stars that you don't really want to evolve as an artist. If we could just get various incarnations of her hit singles, I would be happy. Her feel good acoustic pop defined the mid-2000s and her voice remains a unique force to this day. By now, she has actually released THREE new songs, signaling a new motivation to match her music to her amazing social media presence!

The first is solo single "Let Go", which is basically as Natasha as you will ever get. An uplifting Nestea™-approved bop that quietly glides with her signature guitar licks on top of an on trend 2017 synth line. While it's certainly not bad, it's almost too predictable. Even when she tries to surprise you with that scream in the chorus, "Let Go" remains underwhelming.

Her most recent song is a collaboration with Art House so get ready for ELECTROBedingfield. While Natasha is no stranger to the dance floor after last year's "Unicorn", this song is a much more defined vision that melds Natasha's romantic imagery with sweeping beats. "Love Looks Like" sees Natasha wanting to know what love looks like from her lover. While this is more of a ballad than a full on banger, that chorus reminds you just how incredible that voice can be.

Strangely, my favorite song of Natasha's new output is her contribution to the Tangled TV adaptation. As I mentioned previously, Natasha is at her best when she has her trusty old guitar with a feel-good theme and folk beats at her disposal. "More Of Me" sounds like it could have been a #1 single in 2001 and is the power-pop anthem that you've always Natasha to give you. It's good to have any singer try their hand at success again and we're just lucky the "Unwritten" star still has it in her.

All of Natasha's new songs are on Spotify and you can keep up with her on Twitter and her amazing Facebook page.

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