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NMF Thoughts From April 14 - featuring DNCE, Cazzi Opeia, RABBII, and more!

DNCE made song of the week!

The trash song this week comes from New Kids On The Block, who have made a pseudo-ballad that sounds like Justin Bieber. The tune itself isn't bad but god, could they make cheesier lyrics? "Because of you I am thankful" It might be time to just stick to the hits NKOTB. 

After her enjoyable debut album from last year and her amazing Joe Hertz collab from this year, JONES is here to lend her incredible voice to CAZZETTE's "Hand Full Of Gold". The plus is that JONES still sounds great but too bad there's no chorus. 

Anne-Marie has released her best single "Ciao Adios" this year and a trop-pop remix by Jillionaire has come out this year. It's actually quite good until the stuttering breakdown which takes all the fun out of the song. Tfw when you actually want tropical House to be actual tropical House...

Katy Perry has also released a summery downtempo trip-hop remix of her quite good single "Chained to the Rhythm". This one features Lil Yachty

PWR BTTM HV A NW SNG CLLD "LOL". It has some shouting in it and is very psychedelic.

Bryan Rice appears to be a hat-wearing guitar lover. Not exactly unique image-wise, but his song "Warriors" surprisingly has a monster chorus that sounds like early solo Timberlake. 

There is a lot of tropical House this week. It makes sense as summer approaches so everyone is throwing pineapples and marimbas at their tracks. Phillip Cecil has called up his friend Jonas McConnell on his new track "Dance The Night Away", one of the better trop-pop songs this week. 

Kendrick Lamar has released an album from what I hear. I've only listened to a couple songs and they don't include U2 thankfully. "FEEL" has a nice breezy beat under Kendrick's spitfire raps while "LOYALTY" sees him team up with Rihanna "Phuck yo pride" Fenty on a woozy trap beat. It's all pretty expected but no less enjoyable to listen to. 

Exhibitionist has released the sublime and minimal electrobanger "Hands" that reminds me of Kyla La Grange at her best. 

Swedish boy band The Main Level have recorded the most Spotify sounding song of the week called "My Guitar" that The Chainsmokers wish they could have recorded...

The brilliantly named Joseph of Mercury has made a Coldplay-esque song called "Find You Inside" that sounds dated but still lovely

Noella Nix is one of my favorite new artists and has released a steady stream of top notch singles for the past two years. Her newest is called "Faded" and it's a laid back banger with production by Absinth3. Based on the diversity and strength of her songs so far, her debut album is gonna be insane. 

"Electric Love" by Serena Ryder sounds like a Pink hit single from 2008. 

morgxn is doing his best to sound like Troye Sivan but his new song "xx" (or kiss kiss) makes him sound like a unique new artist, so good job with that.

Legendary British band Saint Etienne is releasing a new album this year. It's first single "Magpie Eyes" is somewhat of a let down as the first taste of their new music but Richard X is involved in at least one song so we could have another "Tonight" on our hands!

Franc Moody has made a slinky disco song called "Got The Light" that's instantly infectious 

Kiiara is back from singing with Linkin Park to make her unique vocal chop-pop. "Whippin" is her collab with Felix Snow, whose work you'll know from Terror Jr. It's a match made in heaven but would have been properly amazing with a better chorus. 

Australian rapper/superstar in the making Tkay Maidza is pushing more new music after her debut album from last year. "Glorious" sees her singing sweetly across trap beats. Like Kiiara, it could have had an actual chorus to match the fantastic pre-chorus. 

As if the Steps comeback wasn't enough for 2017, TLC ARE COMING BACK! Their new song "Way Back" is everything from their 90's heyday with a nice pop sheen from today. It's honestly perfect and makes me excited for their final album coming out later this year. 

Leo Kalyan is slowly on the path to being the greatest pop star on the planet. His new single "Versailles" is his usual honest brand of romantic pop mixed with R&B and sounds like the perfect mix of Troye Sivan and MNEK

Blood Red Shoes have made a scary electroclash song called "Eye To Eye". It's definitely not subtle. 

Kronic and Leon Thomas have a slinky club anthem on their hands with "Rendezvous " that involves some surprisingly effective rapping and the ooo's in the chorus are also a smart addition. 

Bishop Briggs has a new EP that fans of Adele and Paloma Faith will enjoy. "Fire" is a stomping highlight that really showcases how strong Bishop's voice is. 

Proficient pop person LPX has owned a record label and been part of a great band. Her solo career had a rocky start but "Trembling" puts her back on track.

Alessia Cara has made a song called "The Other Side" for the new Get Down soundtrack. It's no "Telepathy" but it's a pleasant ballad nonetheless.

Swedish electropoppers Little Dragon have a new album out today full of mysterious underground club cuts. "Strobe Light" is my sexy slinky favorite. 

Cyrus sibling Noah is off on her pop journey. After the pleasant "Make Me (Cry)" ballad from last year, "Stay Together" feels like Noah's proper introduction to music. The lilting singing and the power chorus has the Cyrus family country twang. It's a solid 7/10 but I think Noah has some stuff even better up her sleeve. 

Eden xo is one of the most fun pop stars of the past decade and her new song about how her punani "Drips Gold" is a brash Bollywood banger. The help from Raja Kumari definitely comes in handy but an Eden album would be great any day now. 

Canadian pop band and living legends DRAGONETTE have collaborated with Plastic Plates for cool subdued house banger "Leave A Light On" that has a small dose of tropicalness to it but remains rooted firmly in pop territory. Have they ever made a bad song?!?!

Superwalkers are basically the Swedish Empire of the Sun and they've come out with a banger-ballad called "I Got You" that pairs the boys breezy vocal with some deep bass to great effect. Another pair to watch out for. 

Molly Kate Kestner is a Youtuber turned pop star whose new single "Prom Queen" sounds like a perfect mix of Marina and Foxes. Very dramatic this one. 

Tinie Tempah does some of the coolest things with hip hop, rap, and electronica. His new album out today includes the amazing "Text From Your Ex" and his Zara Larsson collab. He also teamed up with MNEK on "Not For The Radio" that just might have my favorite rap by him ever. 

The Steps comeback remains as amazing as I've imagined. Their new song "You Make Me Whole" is the Europop love song of yesterday that you didn't know you needed in your life. This album is going to wreck our lives won't it?

"New Friends" hitmakers RABBII have popped up on the Solarstone track "Untitled Love". It's a really great pensive electrostorm of a love song that sounds like the kind of thing Robyn should have come back with. RABBII seem like one of those bands that will randomly make one of the greatest albums ever don't they?

I don't know who this is or where it came from but Lüstgas have made the brilliantly titled "Techno Parties" that sounds like a Xenomania song and is just a ridiculously fun new wave song that we can imagine the Pet Shop Boys absolutely loving. They also mention Donna Summer and call the DJ a fool before exploding at the end, so it's just a win all around. 

For the most insane collaboration today, we have Swedish pop singer Cazzi Opeia teaming up with Korean artist Jin x Jin. It's pretty crazy from the first note. The chorus is about fucking Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj before talking about having a threesome with "Batman & Robin". It's bonkers and stupid and amazing. 

DNCE have made a triumphant return after their somewhat disappointing debut album last year. "Kissing Strangers" is the perfect follow up to "Cake By The Ocean", thanks to Justin Tranter's constant brilliance, and even exceeds it by being a ridiculous rock pop song with a little bit of romance at its heart. And Nicki's appearance just enhances its bonkermazingness. It's nice hearing Joe and Nicki having fun again, and that's what pop music is all about right?

Here is a playlist of all the highlights of this week, with "Kissing Strangers" as the finale. If you want to catch up with the best of the best, here is another playlist for 2017 pop hits!

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