Monday, April 10, 2017


This blog title should give you goosebumps.

Yes, I have returned. 2017 has been a shitstorm of a year so far. As I try to ignore the implosion of both my own life and the world around me, I turn to the one thing in life that makes it worth living: POP.

Q1 has not exactly been a banger-filled extravaganza of extraordinary proportions as I had hoped. Charli XCX and Lorde have done their best to hold down the fort but as anyone who has lived through a time of Gaga, Robyn, Madonna and Kylie knows, you just want More, More, More (REFERENCE).

Which brings us to today. As I sit here trying to escape the mundane and frankly soul-crushing realities of life, a queen has come through to provide me some relief. Some people may know her as the Canadian songbird who engages in insane flirtations with people she just met. Some know her as the woman who went out last night, and plans on going out tonight again. Some know her as really really really really really really liking you. And some know her as *insert life-altering saxophone melody here*. That person is Carly Rae Jepsen, or as I know her Carlesus Raemmaculate Jepseption.

Carly has been teasing us with updates about her new disco ABBA-influenced album that comes after her unnecessarily brilliant EMOTION: SIDE B collection. And when she isn't making hyper cartoon bangers and superfluous 90's covers, Carly continues to be the pop ingenue whose skills at crafting songs have the power to stop a million gay hearts at a time. Today she proves her power with another pop banger called "Cut To The Feeling".

Apparently originally supposed to be included in Side B, the song has been included in animated French-Canadian film Leap! where the Rae of Light herself voices a character. The song itself was leaked recently and while I don't support the early release of music, I do support top notch tunes from CRJ (Apparently there is another song called "Runaways" that we might hear when the film is released in August!). The track follows the EMOTIONal theme of uplifting synth pop with a head rush of a chorus, where Carly wants to dance on a roof and "CUT TO THE FEELING".

The song itself is 90% chorus, AS ALL MAJOR POP RELEASES SHOULD BE. The spoken word bits from the movie don't mess with the listening experience too much. The part where some man says "That really is my girlfriend" just proves that Carly is the Queen of no longer having Boy Problems. It's fitting that I return to music writing for Carly. Her music has helped me through my hardest times just like Kylie Minogue and it's something we could all use right now. Hopefully this signals a new rush of music from her and we can all CUT TO THE FEELING of having a new Jepsen album in our hands.

You already follow Carly on everything so why don't you just listen to "Cut To the Feeling"

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