Friday, May 6, 2016

SHUT THE HELL UP & Listen To Dua Lipa's Superstar Moment


Dua Lipa has done it.

After a series of singles that have gone from a 8/10 to a 9/10 to a 10/10, the rising alt-pop princess has released quite possibly the best song of the year, a song so magnificent, so majestic, so banging, so beautiful, you will want to listen to it nonstop for the rest of time.

"Hotter Than Hell" adds to Dua's collection of menacing love songs, except this time Ms. Lipa went all in for a tropical-influenced banger that is pretty much tailor-made for 2016 radio. It's good to see when a pop star has a strategy for fame. Obviously, "New Love" was meant to get all the tastemakers' appetite whet at the thought of a Lana Del Rey meets Rita Ora crossover act, while "Be The One" was the "Oh she can actually be a mainstream pop star too" moment. 

"Last Dance" set up this release quite well, as Dua's lyrical content has excelled quite a bit this year with the tribal quality of her music at the forefront. It still remains a dramatic, swooshing banger but "Hotter Than Hell" pushes every pop boundary that you can imagine.

"Hotter Than Hell" consists of the opening line "He calls me the devil / I make him wanna sin." Acting as the antithesis to Carly Rae Jepsen's sugary sweet persona, Dua Lipa has become the seductress of your nightmares, luring you into the thumping rave jungle atmosphere. The song is really great because the build up of the chorus, which includes killer lines like "I'm hot like hell / Does it burn when I'm not there?", is just as fantastic and the drop, preceded by the pivotal line "And I'm giving you the pleasure of heaven / And I'll give it to you / HOTTER THAN HAY-ELL."


The best part about "Hotter Than Hell" is that it walks the fine line of sounding like generic EDM, generic tropical house, and generic radio pop. But what keeps it from falling into any of those generic pop tropes is Dua Lipa herself. The popstar persona that I had talked extensively about earlier this year saves the track from falling through the ether. Her love of shimmering dark magic shines through the production and carries through with her delivery.

Dua Lipa uses all the energy in her body to sing this song and it has the same energy as all of the best singles of the years. It's elegant, and banging, and doesn't try too hard. It just exists as a wonderful pop thing.

Get ready for the song of the summer, because it's about to get "Hotter Than Hell" in 2016. Good Job Dua Lipa!

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