Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Someone Who Can Dance" by Icona Pop (with bits by Zara Larsson & Elliphant)


Before we even get to the actual song, we need to talk about this photo.

Icona Pop: Phenomenal Swedish girl group whose high energy pop, high profile collaborations, and high level of ingenuity in general has cemented them as one of the top 10 girl groups that have ever existed. Also, they are responsible for creating the actual best song ever, "I Love It"

Elliphant: Swedish singer who has been on the brink of amazingness for a couple of years with her signature brand of island reggae swagger, machine gun raps, and electropop majesty. Her single "Love Me Badder" was one of the best songs of last year and her new album Living Life Golden is an exciting collection of schizophrenic pop goodness. Overall, just a great human being.

Zara Larsson: Swedish superstar whose songs have just been getting better and better because she is just that amazing. Zara is currently on the brink of actual global fame due to her multiple collaborations with Tinie Tempah in the UK and MNEK in the US. Her single "Lush Life" still remains one of the best songs Rihanna never sang, but if we're lucky, Zara will easily take her place in the pop world and serve us years and years of great music.

What happens when you put them all together? THIS AMAZING PERFORMANCE!

As for "Someone Who Can Dance", the song is another string in the girls party anthem streak. It still has some great shouty bits in the chorus, but the verses show just how cool these girls are.

The best line is "I want glitter on the floor tonight" because same.

Honestly, it's the perfect comeback single for the girls after trying to restart their pop careers with singles and EPs in the past couple of years and it wouldn't have sounded out of place as a good Saturdays single. Now, if we could only get the Zara & Elliphant version, the song would be able to reach its full potential.

"Someone Who Can Dance" is on iTunes and Spotify right now!

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