Sunday, October 4, 2015

Song Of The Day: "No Hard Feelings" by ROOM8 feat. King Deco

Some people may not know that, just like the tides, musical tastes do actually shift over the course of a year. As the temperature rises, those summer car drives need nonstop bangers and ballads become that much more unappealing. But autumn has finally hit, and the cold weather brings out that yearning to something emotional and moody, summed up with one word:


Electronic duo ROOM8 understand this concept and have reached peak pensiveness on their new single "No Hard Feelings." It starts out sounding like "Break The Rules" by Charli XCX before King Deco comes in with a sweet vocal stating her simple disinterest in an old lover. Normally you would expect a sad and wistful recounting but something about the song is actually quite cathartic. Good thing ROOM8 know their way around a drum machine.

 "There are no hard feelings / Cos' you didn't love me hard enough" is a great lyric isn't it?!

The story behind ROOM8 is actually quite a lengthy one but all you need to know is that Ezra Reich and Nic Johns like "icy electro pop, dance music, and soundtrack sensibilities", produced the first Kitten album, have done a remix of this amazing Elliphant song, and have an EP coming out in October featuring NSOTP favorite Little Boots. They are also uber fans of Tove Lo so they are checking a lot of boxes on why you should listen to them. If the songs are all as sublime as "No Hard Feelings", ROOM8 will forever be known around these parts as the Kings Of Pensive Bangers.

ROOM8 on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud
King Deco on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud

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