Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Just Another Face" by Hardsoul & Dirty Freek feat. M.O
This 90's leaning house single was written with Tom Aspaul, which explains 80% why it is amazing.

The early version that Hardsoul & Dirty Freek released involved an artist named Bridgette that was very pleasant but didn't exactly set the world on fire. However, they had the good sense to re-record it with a girl group to add that extra 20%. Because girl groups make everything better.

This girl group is a relatively new one but don't let that put you off. M.O have been on the brink of full blown amazingness since 2010 and have a lot of factors going for them. Frankee was part of the insanely amazing duo Mini Viva, who had 3 10/10 singles before breaking up, crushing my dreams of a Girls Aloud successor. Nonetheless, she could not be stopped and formed M.O with Annie and Nadine, who were part of another group called Duchess

M.O have released a handful of great songs and worked with hit makers Jess Glynne, Starsmith, and Joel Compass. "Dance On My Own" is probably the best of their songs but honestly, remixes like this one and this one show that M.O belong on the dance floor and hopefully after making "Just Another Face", they'll get on that to become strong competitors in the girl band battlefield.

Hardsoul on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud
Dirty Freek on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud
M.O on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

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